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In a town where walking is a major part of getting from point A to point B, whether it’s walking to and from work or stepping out on the town,it is imperative to have a go-to guy to keep your favorite footwear in tip-top condition.

When New York City is that town, Rostelle Shoe Service Inc. Is that go-to guy. You will find us on Midtown Manhattan’s west side, home to the world renowned Broadway Theater District. Rostelle has been keeping New Yorkers in stride for more than four decades by preserving their shoes’ comfort and beauty, in minimal time.

We take pride in combining outstanding craftsmanship with the highest quality materials in the industry. That, along with our unsurpassed client satisfaction guidelines allows us to always aspire to our ultimate goal, which is to give you no reason to go anywhere else. And in case circumstances dictate that you must, you will always have a reason to return.


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